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Through its publications and continuous awareness programs since 2001,
The Centre has built a reputation as a quality and reliable information provider,
now followed by a large resource investment-minded audience in 149 countries.
The main objective of the information programs is to build a bridge between
institutional and private investors and their advisors on one side and
international mining and exploration companies on the other.

Europe is one of The Centre’s major mining regions to focus on
resource companies with more advanced projects

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International Trade Fair & Conference – Skelleftea, Sweden – June 14-16, 2016

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 focus on mining and exploration developments in Europe,
an industry that international investors should know about

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19 JAN 16

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took a significant hurdle in its legal battle with the Greek government to bring its Skouries gold mine into production. Greece’s top
administrative court 
ruled that last year’s government decision to revoke Eldorado’s license for the project was without merit. 

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(counting as from 19 JAN 16)

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“Raw materials are essential for the sustainable functioning of modern societies. Access to
and affordability of mineral raw materials are crucial for the sound functioning of the EU’s economy.
Sectors such as construction, chemicals, automotive, aerospace, machinery and equipment
sectors which provide a total value added of € 1 324 billion and employment
for some 30 million people all depend on access to raw materials.”

 “Securing reliable and undistorted access to raw materials is increasingly becoming an important
factor for the EU’s competitiveness and, hence, crucial to the success of the Lisbon Partnership for growth and jobs.
The critical dependence of the EU on certain raw materials underlines that a shift towards
 a more resource efficient economy and sustainable development is becoming even more pressing”

It is just over six years ago that I used the above statements as heading for the Editorial Comment of my MINING IN EUROPE newsletter. These words were the headlines of the European Union Raw Mining Initiative that was published in 2009. At the time they sounded like we really could expect the creation of an environment in Europe where resource companies would gladly come to take on the challenges of exploring and mining the natural resources that were known to be present in this part of the world. They sounded like the European Commission was fully aware of the fact that its natural resources had been grossly neglected for many years since earlier historical mining activities had been declining up to the point where most of the efforts were running out of steam.

I used the same words again in my newsletter of May 2010 when I studied the program of the European Minerals Conference, to be held in Madrid in June 2010 to introduce the Raw Materials Declaration of the EU. That program made all hopes for a sound extraction industry evaporate and the confirmation of that idleness came at the Conference itself. All the talks were about construction & industrial minerals and the only companies that were represented were coming from the cement and related industries. Of the over hundred companies that were exploring and developing ‘our kind of minerals’, the gold, silver, copper, zinc, lead, iron ore and other base metals companies were just not there; I only detected one single company executive that I knew in the audience………he was as disappointed as I was….. It became obvious that the EU and the principal lobbying supporters of the conference had not a clue of what a European mining and exploration industry really was like……

Yet, if I look at the developments since 2010, I can proudly affirm that the real mining and exploration industry on the European continent is alive and kicking, and it is significant to say, despite the lack of any support from the EU and politics at the country levels. Quite many resource companies, primarily of Canadian origin with the U.K. as a good second, have been developing their European projects to the maturity of being in production, advancing to production and advanced exploration. Many others are in the process of actively exploring their projects and reporting drill results that promise them to be successful over the next few years. Nevertheless, mining and exploration in Europe is still relatively unknown, both within Europe itself and in the rest of the world.

A valid reason for me to launch this new website as a stand-alone and another satellite site to the EUROPEAN GOLD CENTRE website with its own proprietary format. Out of the approximately 150 public international resource companies with projects somewhere in Europe that I have counted, I have made a prime selection of companies that I like because of how they developed their projects, their exploration and mining successes, their communication with the investment communities. As a beginning, I have restricted myself to selecting companies that are IN PRODUCTION or ADVANCING TO PRODUCTION or IN ADVANCED EXPLORATION or can be described as PROJECT GENERATORSThese are the companies that have projects with substance that investors should be specifically looking at in these markets as we had to experience in the last two years.

The followers of my EDITORIALS on the EUROPEAN GOLD CENTRE website know that I am quite positive about a RECOVERING GOLD PRICE in this just started 2016 and following years, which in my view also will have a positive effect on the prices of not only SILVER and PGM’s but also on the resource sector as a whole. To round off this first EDITORIAL , I wholeheartedly welcome the selected companies which I will be following closely and will hopefully continue to display their potential for successful achievements, which in turn should stimulate a growing audience to include an interest in the developments and companies of MINING IN EUROPE in their investment portfolios. favicon.ico

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* prime selection of international mining and exploration companies with active projects in Europe *
* companies that we favour because of their quality management, projects, vision, expertise and prospects *
* companies with substance and potential for a prospective participation in European mining *

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featured companies

 P R O J E C T   G E N E R A T O R S

COMPANIES - pic avrupa
resource companies that specialize in finding and developing projects
with the objective to joint-venture these projects with other resource companies

comp -avrupa minerals

***Mar 22: Avrupa Minerals (TSXV:AVU) has contracted to prepare a NI 43-101 compliant maiden resource estimate for the Slivovo gold JV project in Kosovo, now operated by jv entity Peshter Mining JSC, in which Avrupa hold 25%. The maiden resource estimate will be part of a larger NI 43-101 compliant document prepared by a team led by Mr. Richard Buerger, Principal Geologist for the Mining Plus consulting engineering firm, based in Melbourne, Australia. Avrupa expects to receive the completed documentation in April 2016. 

favoured companies

I N   P R O D U C T I O N

COMPANIES - pic atalya
resource companies that are in production with their projects, giving them a sustainable cash flow;
management has been responsible for the past years of successful operations
and are well qualified to take the companies to the next phase of growth

       agnico-eagle wit           almonty            atalaya mining

dragon mining 2      dundee precious large      eldorado       endomines     first quantum

companies - logo lundin 1         mandalay resources          boliden 2

 orvana minerals        stratex

heading updates
***Apr 1: Almonty Industries (TSXV:AII) closed the second tranche of its non-brokered private placement to raise an additional $615,850 for it Korea tungsten project. ***Mar 30: Dragon Mining (ASX:DRA) announced update of the Ore Reserves for the Vammala Production Centre in southern Finland and the Svartliden Production Centre in northern Sweden. They include or the first time Ore Reserves for the Kaapelinkulma Gold Project in southern Finland and the Faboliden Gold Project in northern Sweden. ***Mar 28: Dundee Precious Metals (TSX:DPM) announced the results of the updated Mineral Reserve estimate for its Chelopech mine in Bulgaria. ***Mar 10: Stratex International (AIM:STI)  has posted two interviews with Chairman Christoper Hall with BRR Media: http://brrmedia.co.uk/event141545/christopher-hall?popup=true. ***Mar 10: First Quantum Minerals (TSX:FM,SE:FQM) has entered into Sale and Purchase Agreement with Boliden AB to sell its Kevitsa nickel-copper-platinum group elements mine in Finland.  ***Mar 4: Atalaya Mining (AIM:ATYM, TSX:AYM) posted its Investor Presentation February with the latest information on its Proyecto Riotinto copper mine in Spain.***Mar 3: Lundin Mining (TSX:LUN, OMX:LUMI) has entered into a purchase agreement with Freeport-McMoRan to purchase an interest in Freeport’s stake in the Timok project, which is held by Freeport as operator and an affiliate of Reservoir Minerals***Feb 29: Mandalay Resources (TSX:MND) accomplished 29,450m of drilling in the year at Björkdal, aimed at increasing both underground and open pit Resources. It intention is to complete an entirely new underground Mineral Resource and Reserve estimate with a new mine extraction plan later this year.  ***Feb 29: Endomines (NASDAQ:, OMX Helsinki: ENDO) announced that due to the recent rights issue, the number of shares and votes have increased and amounts to 1,048,627,500 as per February 29, 2016. Endomines has been successfully producing gold at its Pampalo mine in Finland since February 2011. ***Feb 25: Eldorado Gold (TSX:ELD, NYSE:EGO)  confirms that its subsidiary Hellas Gold received a ruling from Greece’s Supreme Court granting a building permit for the Skouries processing plant in northern Greece. The project remains on care and maintenance awaiting the timely issuance of pending routine permits and licenses, necessary for the project to recommence. ***Feb 22: Orvana Minerals (TSX:ORV) announces that Ms. Daniella Dimitrov is stepping down as a Director and President/CEO of the company to pursue other opportunities. Mr. Jeffrey A. Hillis, CFO, has been appointed Interim CEO. ***Feb 19: New Boliden (NASDAQ OMX Stockholm) will propose to the Annual General Meeting of shareholders, to be held on 3 May 2016, that Pekka Vauramo is elected as a new Member of the Board, and that current Board Members Marie Berglund, Tom Erixon, Lennart Evrell, Ulla Litzén, Michael G:son Löw, Elisabeth Nilsson and Anders Ullberg are re-elected. Anders Ullberg is further proposed to be re-elected as Chairman of the Board. ***Feb 10: Agnico Eagle (NYSE, TSX:AEM)  reported its Q4 and Full Year 2015 results, including comments on its European interest in the Kittila mine in northern Finland, the largest primary gold producer in Europe.  ***************


A D V A N C I N G   T O   P R O D U C T I O N

COMPANIES pic euromax
resource companies that are in the stage of development or advanced explorations with projects
that could come to production 
in the forthcoming few years

ariana resources 2        aurum mining           berkeley energia large

colt resources         dalradian        

nordic mines        ormonde mining 2         prairie mining        wolf minerals

heading updates
 ***Mar 24: Ariana Resources (AIM:AAU) updates on the Kiziltepe Mine within the Red Rabbit gold-silver project in western Turkey which is being developed in partnership with Proccea Construction Co. and is expected to deliver its first gold pour in H2 2016. ***Mar 24: Dalradian Resources (TSX:DNA,AIM:DALR) announces results for the year 2015, including closing cash and cash equivalents of $43.3 million and progress with the work program on its Curraghinalt Gold Deposit in Northern Ireland. ***Mar 21: Wolf Minerals (ASX:WLF, AIM:WLFE) has been granted a waiver of ASX Listing rules necessary to permit the company’s notice of meeting seeking shareholder approval for the pending A$51 million equity facility with Resource Capital Funds to strengthen balance sheet during the ramp-up of the processing plant at the Drakelands open pit tungsten and tin mine in south-west England. ***Mar 21: Prairie Mining (ASX,LSE,WSE:PDZ) posted its latest Corporate Presentation on the Lublin Coals Project in eastern Poland on its website. ***Mar 15: Berkeley Energia (AIM,ASX:BKY) commenced the development of the 100%-owned Salamanca Project in central-western Spain.  Following a decade of exploration and feasibility studies and more than US$80 million of investment, the company has selected some of Spain’s largest infrastructue contractors to initiate work. ***Mar 9: Euromax Resources (TSXV:EOX) published its latest newslettr with information on the company’s progress in Macedonia. ***Feb 29: Ormonde Mining (AIM,ESM:ORM) has provided an update on its progress at the Barruecopardo Tungsten Project in Salamanca, Spain. ant construction management contract has been awarded and construction activities are underway. ***Feb 25: Nordic Mines (OMX Nordic:NOMI) issued its information circular about its Q4 2015, full year 2015 results and significant events after Dec 31.   ***Feb 11: Aurum Mining (AIM:AUR) has entered into a convertible loan agreement with Chairman David Williams; the loan is unsecured, accrues no interest and has no fixed repayment date. The loan proceeds will be used to fund the company’s gold portfolio in north-west Spain. ***Feb 3: Colt Resources (TSXV:GTP, OTC PK:COLTF) provides recent results from drilling program at the Sesmarias VMS target, part of the 60% owned 902 km2 Alvalade exploration concession in southern Portugal, held in joint-venture with Avrupa Minerals.   ***************


A D V A N C E D   E X P L O R A T I O N

COMPANIES - pic tasman

resource companies in the stage of advanced exploration with their companies,
completed/completing Preliminary Economic Assessment and/or Feasibility Study

barsele minerals        erin ventures   mawson      medgold
tasman metals        wresources white

heading updates
 ***Mar 31: Tasman Resources (TSXV:TSM) updates on the status of the mining lease: The Company has been advised that the process of cancellation of the ML will be through actions undertaken by the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation. This Ministry has advised the Company that a right of comment regarding the cancellation exists as part of procedural matters. Tasman is investigating this new information, and is considering the appropriate course of action. A further update will be provided when the Company gains additional information regarding its rights in this process. ***Mar 7: W Resources (AIM:WRES) reported the completion of the initial engineering work by MBE Coal & Minerals Technology GmbH in Germany for the La Parilla project in Spain. The La Parilla plant can be executed in three phases: 1. initial production as “fast track mine”at 1,300tpa of tungsten-copper-gold concentrate, to begin in late 2016. ***Mar 7: Mawson Resources (TSXV:MAW, OTC PK:MWSNF) drills 8.4m @ 4.3g/t gold at its Palokas Gold Project in Finland; drilling is continuing to test an extensive gold-bearing system at deeper levels. ***Feb 29: Barsele Minerals (TSXV:BME) reports drilling intercepts of 112m grading 2.01g/t gold and receives progress update from 55% joint venture partner Agnico Eagle Mines on the Barsele Au-VMS Project in Västerbottens Lãn, northern Sweden. ***Feb 22: Medgold Resources (TSXV:MED) announced that recent exploration of a new prospect called Guimarei on the Valongo licence in northern Portugal, has identified anomalous gold in rocks outcropping over a 3 km strike length. Assay results from rock chip sampling range from trace gold to highlights of 7.80 g/t Au, 4.84 g/t Au and 2.53 g/t Au.   ***Jan 25: Erin Ventures (TSXV:EV) announced assay results from the Piskanja boron project in Serbia.  ***************

 P R O J E C T / R O Y A L T Y   G E N E R A T O R S

COMPANIES - pic avrupa
resource companies that specialize in finding and developing projects
with the objective to joint-venture these projects with other resource companies

   eurasian minerals        mundoro       reservoir minerals

heading updates

***Apr 24: Reservoir Minerals (TSXV:RMC) will combine forces with Nevsun Resources Ltd (TSX,NYSE MKT:NSU), Nevsun to acquire all of
Reservoir’s outstanding shares at a premium of 35%.
***Mar 7: Mundoro Capital (TSXV:MUN) has entered into a binding Interim Agreement with Japan OilGas and Metals National Corporation (JOGMEC“), in which it has granted an earn-in option on three of Mundoro’s exploration licenses: Dubrava, Padina and Zeleznik (the “Timok North Projects”) located within the Timok Magmatic Complex in northeastern Serbia. ***Mar 7: Reservoir Minerals (TSXV:RMC) confirms that its subsidiary Global Reservoir Minerals (BVI) Inc. has received a notice of sale and offer from Freeport International Holdings (BVI) Ltd. wherein Freeport  (i) provides notice to Reservoir of the proposed sale to Lundin Mining Corporation of an interest in Freeport International Holdings (BVI) Ltd., the entity through which Freeport holds its interest in the Timok Joint Venture in Serbia, under a Joint Venture/Shareholders Agreement dated December 15, 2015 among Freeport, Reservoir and Timok JVSA (BVI) Ltd. ; and (ii) offers to sell to Reservoir on the same terms and conditions as those agreed with Lundin pursuant to Reservoir’s right of first refusal under Section 15.04 of the Joint Venture Agreement. Reservoir has until May 3, 2016 to decide whether it will exercise its right of first refusal. ***Dec 23: Eurasian Minerals (TSXV:EMX, NYSE MKT:EMXX) has been advised of the initial shipment of material for processing from the Balya lead-zinc-silver royalty property by owner and operator Dedeman Balya Kursun Cinko Isletmeleri A.S. EMX retains an uncapped 4% net smelter return royalty on the Balya property, which is located in the historic Balya mining district of northwestern Turkey.  ***************

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this site aims to function as a true information provider, hereby combining several sources
to find and obtain worthwhile and helpful information from both internal and external sources

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